Tale, the business accounting and management software is a complete and all inclusive package to support the business and manufacturing activities, irrespective of the size of business and area or country of operation

Tale, the enviable status of an ideal software for perfect and complete automation of business. We can find its application in all types of business and manufacturing units such as C & F, Wholesale and Retail Distribution Manufactures, Architects, Builders, Real estate Retailers, Retailers and Healthcare and shops and supermarkets selling all types of goods and service providers.

Different activities that can be managed by the software

  • Item Group Creation
  • Item Brand Creation Item Creation
  • Supplier Creation
  • Customer Creation Daybook
  • Ledger Receipts Payments
  • Transaction Lists
  • Statement of accounts

Description Over view

  • Item Group Creation
  • This module is used to create various groups.
  • Item Creation
  • This module is used to create stock items
  • Supplier/Vendor Creation
  • This module is used to create vendor
  • Customer Creation
  • This module is used to create customers under the system


  • Stock Management
  • Customer
  • Retail Billing
  • Billing & Sales Management
  • Item History
  • Purchase & Inventory Control
  • Advance Receipt
  • Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Supplier Receipt and Payment
  • Customer Receipt and Payment
  • Other Accounts Receipt and Payment
  • Physical Stock Entry
  • Stock Adjustment


  • Account Creating
  • Ledgers
  • Day Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Banking


  • Sales Reports
    • Date Wise Sales Reports
    • Monthly Sales Reports
    • Item Wise Sales Reports
    • Item Group Wise Sales Reports
  • Purchase Reports
    • Date Wise Purchase Reports
    • Monthly Purchase Reports
    • Item Wise Sales Reports
    • Item Group Wise Purchase Reports
  • Stock Report
    • Stock Reports
  • Customer Reports
    • Date Wise Customer Reports
    • Monthly Customer Reports
  • Supplier Reports
    • Date Wise Supplier Reports